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The Best Way To Find New Customers

Travis Farnes

Most service professionals don’t understand the importance of a website. I suppose you can’t really understand the importance until you actually see the results. After I built my site, I realized that it was bringing in practically all of my new business. I stopped chasing after many other marketing and advertising opportunities and I started to focus on making my website even better.

A website is really the only marketing and advertising method where you are totally in control. You control the content and most importantly the reviews that are posted.

As you probably know, there are a ton of sites out there that publish business reviews, like Yelp, Google, Yahoo Local, Bing and a ton of others. Have you also noticed how important customer reviews are on Amazon? They’re critical. This should be an indicator that reviews should play a big part in your website as well. It is important to get customer reviews on your site as soon as possible. All you have to do is encourage your customers to submit them after you’ve done great work.

The reality is that people are looking for your services online every single day. If you’re not showing up, then someone else is. So, let us help you get you a website and make sure you have lots of positive reviews!

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JM Ltd has been rendering services to MG & CH Co Ltd for years and so far we have had no cause to withdraw their impeccable services to us. They are always ready to serve us on time.


JM Ltd know exactly what they are about. Even when you suggest a bad idea, they aren't afraid to tell you that it won't work. Such people are hard to come by and we appreciate them very much.


We used to get ridiculed for our old website. It was very old fashioned. Having JM Ltd revamp it was a great decision and it made all the difference. Now we have a website that we are truly proud off and represents us well internationally.

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